We know that, one of the key parameter for the success of a new technology implementation is, the support of the key users. The support of the key users are depend on the embracement of them to the new technologies. Also these technologies are evolving rapidly in parallel to business changes. At this point, “trainings” becomes more critical for increasing the embracement of the users, so for the success of the projects.

As Ereteam, we are offering these trainings commonly as “technical knowledge transfers of the implemented projects” and “workshops”. Besides these, we are also giving “in-class” trainings especially for the enablement of the end users to the technologies that are embodied in Ereteam.

In addition to all of these, under the structure of “Ereteam Academy”, we are offering several courses to improve the theoretical background of the participants by providing conceptual and methodical knowledge. From Ereteam Blueprints, you can visit our course catalogue and details.