Building A Multi-Channel Marketing Campaign Results Dashboard utilizing Tableau Visualization Tools.

How can a result tracking dashboard can be developed with relative ease using Tableau Prep Builder and Tableau Desktop Tools? And how does the resulting Dashboard provide interactive capabilities to analyze campaign performance in great detail providing actionable intelligence for the marketeers. In this webinar our thought leader Demrihan Yenigün, Co-founder & Chief Strategy Officer of Ereteam, Industry Partner at Center for Business Analytics and Adjunct Professor of Decision Sciences at the Peter T. Paul College of Business and Economics, at the University of New Hampshire is demonstrating all using anonymous campaign results data for a Community Health Plan.

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Join us to see the best practices when it comes to dashboard design!

Self-Service Analytics of Tomorrow, Journey Begins Here

Bring your data and your people together, tackle the mundane, unleash the potential. Embark on a journey with us to accelarate digital transformation. All the while not having to write a single line of code at all. The future of self-service analytics at scale. We will be pleased to meet you at “Enter the World of Analytics with Alteryx” Webinar, June 2, 2020 | 10:00

Drop Macros and Drag Your Data to Alteryx, Prepare Your Data in Motion

Collect, prepare, analyze and visualize. Automate what you did and proceed ahead. We will be pleased to meet you at “Drag & Drop Everything. Prepare Data with Alteryx.” webinar, September 2, 10:00

A deep dive into the new features of UNICA 12.1 and how it will make your life easier!

Join us on Sept 29th, at 10am to find out what is new in UNICA 12.1 and how it will help you to power the next generation of customer journeys and goal based marketing including an offer management system that enables you to manage offers, their priorities, the number of times a customer sees a specific offer, to which customers the offer should be shown to.

Get To Know Tableau And See The Best Practices When It Comes To Dashboard Design!

Join us on Oct 6th, at 10am to see; How Tableau empowers people and organizations with visual analytics for everyone. This is a great opportunity to explore how you can better understand your data in mere minutes and how Tableau brings together data and people – so you can solve complex business problems without any technical skills needed

If you want to avoid the common pitfalls when it comes to dashboard design, sign up for our follow up webinar: “Visual Best Practices” on October 21st. We will be covering:

  • ​What dashboards are, what they should do, and why they’re important
  • The primary goals and challenges of dashboard design
  • The 13 most common mistakes in the visual design of dashboards
  • The importance of designing dashboards that are aligned with the way people see and think

Zero Based Budgeting: Cultural And Technological Neccesities Of Budgeting From Zero!

Zero-based budgeting (ZBB) is getting a hard look from companies that see its extremely detailed approach to budgeting as an opportunity to capture operational efficiencies, stimulate growth, and boost performance. Exactly how does ZBB work, and how should a company implement it? How should CFOs assess and apply it?

We will adress all above points from both business and technical perspectives during our webinar on October 15th

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Find out what is new and how it will help you to power the next generation of customer journeys and goal based marketing

Marketers today are focused on defining, creating, and measuring goals on the fly. Unica is uniquely positioned to deliver this in a powerful and flexible Goal-Based marketing solution that is easily integrated, quickly deployed with Cloud Native scalability.

Join us on Nov 26th, at 11:00* to find out how UNICA will make your life easier!

*This is a regional webinar across the MEA, Africa, CIS, Central/Eastern Euope region and starts at 11:00 İstanbul, Turkey time which is GMT+3