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Community Affiliated Health Plans

Marketing Direct Mail List Development, Modeling & Analysis

Our client is a not-for-profit, community-based healthcare organization dedicated to improving care for individuals who are dually eligible for Medicaid and Medicare with complex medical, behavioral health and social needs, including persons with disabilities.

Business Need

Our client has a portfolio of products, serving individuals ages 65 and over who have Medicare and Medicaid or only Medicare.

Over the years, Direct Mail proved to be the marketing channel with the highest return on investment. Given the relatively limited coverage area dictated by the eligibility criteria and provider participation constraints and competition from both national and regional service providers, it is imperative to find, target and maintain a consistent, optimized communication channel with the prospects who meet the eligibility criteria and have a high propensity to respond to the direct mail campaigns.

To that end, Ereteam has been working with the client`s Marketing Team in the past 4+ years in initiatives such as:

  • Working with marketing data provider companies (Experian, USA Data, Data Axle, etc.) in acquiring and maintaining mail lists on relevant prospects
  • Building a marketing response model, considering several attributes of the prospects such as income, age, geography, household size, mail frequency, recency, etc.

Revising and calibrating the Direct Mail acquisition model incorporating the latest information from the most recent campaign results.


Ereteam Business Intelligence and Data Analytics team built product specific “Response” Models to enhance the targeting process:

  • The response models included intelligence derived from actual response behavior from historical campaigns which can be leveraged for future campaigning
  • Enhanced the modeling data set with a variety of predictive attributes (i.e. demographic, housing type, direct mail behavior, financial ability, general interest related and a segmentation model construct (Personicx).
  • Continuously refresh prospect universe with new names
  • Measure DM activity’s impact on other enrolment delivery channels as indicated by the “Halo” effect
  • Presenting detailed analysis of the campaign performances at the individual channel and segment level to the client`s Management Team

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