Retail and Trade


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Retail and Trade

For more than 20 years, we have been working with global clients who are pioneers and leaders in the industry they are operating. We are very familiar with major challenges most of these companies face while working on creating a data culture within their organization.

Here are the major areas we have been assisting our retail and trade clients:

  • Store Budget Planning and Store Profitability
  • Offer Optimization
  • Omni-Channel Campaign Management
  • HR Capacity and Productivity Planning
  • Promotional Pricing Optimization
  • AI-Driven Demand Forecasting: using a range of historic data sources to inform the level of future demand
  • Based upon prior purchase history, predict the number of days to next order
  • Identify best sites to open, expand, reduce, or close stores based on strategic goals without cannibalization of existing store sales
  • Identify store foot traffic to predict staff resources required for any given trading day
  • Minimize time to deliver the shipment
  • Attribute the value of conversion across digital channels to ensure digital marketing spend is being used in the right channels/campaigns