Ereteam Presents Cloud Data Analytics Event in Istanbul

Ereteam Presents Cloud Data Analytics Event in Istanbul

How to save your seat 

Ereteam is thrilled to announce an upcoming user group event at the Hilton Istanbul Bosphorus Hotel, on October 17th. This event promises to be an exciting gathering of cloud computing enthusiasts, designed to foster collaboration and learning within the community. Best of all, attendance is free, and attendees will be treated to a sumptuous breakfast to kickstart the day. As a special offer, all guests will receive a Free Cloud Data Assessment!

Empowering Cloud Enthusiasts

Ereteam’s mission for this event is providing a platform for attendees to exchange valuable insights, sharing best practices, and exploring innovative ideas within the realms of cloud computing and services. The goal is to empower participants with deeper knowledge, hands-on experiences, and invaluable networking opportunities, ultimately enhancing their proficiency in harnessing cloud technologies to meet their business needs.

A Lineup of Inspiring Speakers

The event kicks off with a warm welcome from Ereteam CEO Kutlay Simsek, who will set the tone for the day and emphasize the significance of community collaboration in the transformation of cloud data analytics. Keynote speaker Yigit Kulabas will delve into industry trends, providing attendees with valuable insights into the evolving landscape of cloud computing. Ereteam Partners will also join the event, adding their expertise to the discussions.

A Wealth of Knowledge

Throughout the event, attendees can expect to:

  • Learn how to harness the power of cloud-based data analytics to unlock actionable insights from their data.
  • Discover best practices for seamless migration of analytics operations to the cloud.
  • Engage with industry-leading experts to optimize data analytics workflows.
  • Gain insights from real-world case studies showcasing successful data analytics transformations on the cloud.
  • Explore advanced cloud infrastructure and tools to supercharge data analytics capabilities.
  • Understand the scalability and cost-effectiveness of cloud-based analytics.
  • Explore robust security measures inherent in cloud-based analytics systems.
  • Learn strategies to optimize costs while leveraging the cloud’s capabilities.
  • Connect with fellow attendees, speakers, and industry professionals to expand their network.

A Glimpse into the Future

This event will provide attendees with insights into how cloud-based data analytics can future-proof their organization’s data strategy and keep them ahead of the competition. Interactive Q&A sessions with experts will offer solutions to specific cloud analytics challenges, while discussions on the latest innovations in cloud-based data analytics will reshape industries.

Secure Your Spot

Don’t miss out on this transformative event that promises to revolutionize your data analytics strategy on the cloud. Secure your spot today and gain the knowledge you need to stay at the forefront of cloud-based data analytics. Join us for a game-changing event and, unlock a world of benefits that will propel you towards success! See you at the Hilton Istanbul Bosphorus Hotel on October 17th!

Where : Hilton Bosphorus            When: October 17, 2023 09:00 – 13:00 

Harbiye, Cumhuriyet Cd. No:50, 34367 Şişli/İstanbul, Türkiye

Phone: +90 212 315 60 00



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