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Community Health Plans

Our mission as Ereteam is to support ACAP member organizations in their work to improve the health and well-being of lower-income people and/or people with significant health needs.

Our vision is to enable these organizations to find the best prospects nation-wide with our best-in class data analytical methods and information technologies.

Over the last decade, Ereteam developed Membership Acquisition Programs for several ACAP member organizations.

Challenges in New Member Acquisition

Lack of Actionable Data Infrastructure

Enterprise Data stored in Legacy Silos No Integration Between Operational Systems

Data Inaccuracy & Redundancy

Manual data entry without any data standards and auditing availability

Limited Information Management Capabilities

Most information access is through spreadsheets. No centralized Data Base

Lack of Data Governance

No Enterprise Level ownership of data content and definitions and security standards

Limited Analytical Capabilities for Prospect Targeting

Acquisition Targeting is not based on advanced analytical methods

Lack of Integrated Marketing

No 360 View of Acquisition Prospects. Marketing Efforts are not coordinated and integrated

Limited Information Management Capabilities

No Enterprise level reporting / dashboarding capabilities for consistent reporting


Centralized Data Repository

Accurate and relevant data – data, which is integrated from multiple sources into a single, unified, bird’s-eye view in a Central Database

Accurate & Reliable Data

Maximize data integrity and data accuracy minimize data redundancy through well defined business rules

Reporting & Insights

Rapid data exploration and discovery via Advanced data analysis and visualization tools

Data Governance

Establish Enterprise Data Governance. Enhance regulatory compliance and mitigate data-related risks

Single Source of Data Truth

Everybody in the organization will be using the same version of the data

Effective Time Management

Spend less time on data processing and compiling reports and will have more time on analyzing campaign results

Acquisition Targeting Optimization

Deliver the best prospects for Acquisition utilizing best-in class Advanced Analytic Methods

Our Services

Marketing Automation Implementation

Response Modeling

Analysis & Reporting

Account Management

Campaign Planning

What Are We Delivering For You

  • We deliver the best prospects for your Member Acquisition efforts
  • We help you consistently beat your Annual Enrollment Goals
  • We automate your Member Acquisition Prospecting Process with best-in-class Data Analytic solutions
  • We optimize your AEP performance with the right targeting strategy and implementation
  • We optimize your Member Acquisition Costs and help you save time and money

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