Bridge Furniture & Props

Bridge Furniture & Props

Reporting and Data Integration Services

Founded in 2006 in Brooklyn, Bridge Furniture & Props boasts thousands of furniture, props, and decorative accessory items—many one-of-a-kind—and all tailored for the film, television, photography and event design community. Each of their three locations offers a distinctive mix of high-quality merchandise, combined with high-touch service, for every set decorating need.

Business Need

Bridge Furniture & Props has been using multiple software tools for tracking and reporting monthly results. Since each of these software tools were providing information on a different aspect of the business activities, it was hard to get a 360-degree view of their total asset base as well as an integrated view of rental revenues. Especially after they replaced their accounting software, it became even more difficult to have accurate enterprise level performance tracking. There was a need for:

• Integration of data from individual systems, into a common and standardized data structure and store

• Consolidation of reporting into one enterprise level platform

• Building a uniform historical time-series performance data with the same attributes in the same format from multiple sources.


Working with the client closely on every step, Ereteam Business Intelligence team designed and developed a comprehensive reporting platform with the following:

• A daily process to collect the daily data from rental systems, make necessary conversions in a smart and algorithmic methods and update the new accounting systems automatically.

• A monthly management dashboard was created, which provided BP management analytical capabilities with drill-down functionality to analyze results at multiple levels: locations, product categories, and customers showing a historical view in every detail possible.

• Robust Automation & Scheduling of ETL process, integrating data from multiple systems using

• The Reporting Platform for Company Results Tracking Platform was built using

• The Reporting Platform for Company Results Tracking Platform was built using

“From developing an understanding of our business to crafting a tailored BI solution that meets our needs, Ereteam has been an ideal partner. They are curious, engaged and resourceful in ways that mimic how we run our lean organization. Their on-going work is essential to our business success.”
Dave Wilson
CEO & Partner, Bridge Furniture & Props