As Ereteam, we internalized an approach, in which we can create value to our clients. This approach is solution oriented and stands on technology, management and human resources triangle. Our main purpose is, to carry this approach one step further by harmonising our corporate experience.

With this perspective, we are dedicated to improve ourselves in every sector, process and technology. Thanks to this perspective and dedication to improvement, we are able to examine what will be the best solution for our clients. At the end of the examination, we are offering the best technologies within their fields.

While improving ourselves in different sectors & technologies, we are also following the trends and innovative technologies to figure out how to adopt these for finding business solutions to our clients. With this point of view, we are evolving and improving day by day.



Ereteam’s main purpose is serving its clients in a way that will create a high value by applying the best solutions.  Because of this reason, “Project Management” tools & techniques are in use during the lifecycle of the projects for increasing the value of the services by producing deliverables within desired quality, time and budget.

In Ereteam, “Project Management Office (PMO)” is positioned as a separate department under the organization of “Professional Services” and act as an assurance point for project management and the quality of the deliverables. PMO embodies the knowledge areas that are below as a project approach.

Ereteam is developed its own project management approaches in the light of “Project Management Institute (PMI)” standards and methodologies. These approaches can be varied and tailored according to the technologies or solutions.



Either the competencies that we possessed or the experiences that we hold in several technologies / sectors, we

are not only providing human resources in projects, after the life cycle of the projects, we are giving support our customers with outsourcing services.

With the outsourcing model that our clients will choose, they don’t no longer, need to wory about the risk of long-termed employee contracts or the motivation factors of the employees.  As Ereteam, we are providing highly trained and motivated human resources for your needs.



We know that, one of the key parameter for the success of a new technology implementation is, the support of the key users. The support of the key users are depend on the embracement of them to the new technologies. Also these technologies are evolving rapidly in parallel to business changes. At this point, “trainings” becomes more critical for increasing the embracement of the users, so for the success of the projects.

As Ereteam, we are offering these trainings commonly as “technical knowledge transfers of the implemented projects” and “workshops”. Besides these, we are also giving “in-class” trainings especially for the enablement of the end users to the technologies that are embodied in Ereteam.

In addition to all of these, under the structure of “Ereteam Academy”, we are offering several courses to improve the theoretical background of the participants by providing conceptual and methodogical knowledge. From Ereteam Blueprints, you can visit our course catalogue and details.