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Analyze networks geographically to find inefficienciesRadio Towers Dashboard

Keeping a complex network running at full capacity requires a lot of data– in real time. With a typical network generating terabytes of usage and performance data, creating a meaningful telecommunications analysis in a reasonable time frame can be nearly impossible.

Market Penetration by CityEvaluate expansion prospects and find hidden opportunities

Finding new customers is a struggle for every business and a crucial part of any telecommunications company’s analysis initiatives. Deploying new network infrastructure to access completely new markets can be enormously expensive. With Tableau, analyzing networks for expansion opportunities, whether existing or new, is as easy as dragging and dropping.

Customer and Operational Analytics for Telecommunications

Telecommunications services providers gain a better understanding of customers, reduce churn and optimize network capacity with big data analytics.

Network Opt

Transform your business with these Customer Analytics Blueprints

Customer profiles-create a 360 degree view

Micro-segmentation-create segments of one

Customer lifetime value-find high value customers

Next best action-influence customer decisions

Campaign optimization-refine campaign performance

Churn-prevent customers from leaving

NICE Customer Interaction Management solutions help service providers deliver a differentiating customer experience and achieve a competitive advantage by addressing these needs:

 Reduce churn

Increase ARPU

Increase operational efficiency

Resolve disputes