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Manage high-throughput drug screening, hit selection and quality control with real-time pharmaceutical analytics.High1

As high-throughput screening becomes increasingly crucial to efficient drug discovery, your team needs a tool to see and understand the results of an assay. Tableau can visualize assay output and result distribution in real-time, allowing your team to spend more time asking questions about clinical effectiveness and less time trying to make sense of thousands of rows of data. By visualizing the data, your team can identify and explore HTS hits immediately.

Ortex2Perform what-if analyses on real-time data at lightning speed.

As new pharma markets emerge and expand, it’s crucial that you make informed decisions about where to invest your capital and resources. Tableau allows all your business users to do on-the-fly analyses of pharma market growth, leveraging the most current sales and market data, and make business decisions quickly based on how well projections compare to goals.

Combine multiple data sources to optimize physician marketing strategies.Physician3

The new pharmaceutical organization has marketing at its core, and there’s a heightened strategic need to understand the entire commercial funnel. Physician marketing strategies are a crucial factor, and, with so many disparate sources of data, it can be difficult to see the whole picture and understand where you’re over- and under-invested.

H1N14Understand what’s happening in existing and emerging markets.

The world of pharma keeps getting bigger. There are many ways to diversify your portfolio of R&D, sales and marketing efforts. You need to know which products and services your market wants, and when and where they want them.