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  • Business Intelligence
  • Budgeting Planning Forecasting
  • Dynamic Target & Incentive Planning
  • Omni Channel Campaign Management
  • Customer Experience Management
  • Talent Management & Learning Management Solutions
  • Payment Systems


Segment your customers with easeBanking Revenge Segmentation

Understanding which customer segments drive the most revenue and profits is fundamental to your business success and future strategy. But getting this insight requires slicing your customer data in many different ways to get to the true trends hiding beneath the surface.

Effectively manage loan default riskRisk of Loan Default

Loan default is one of the biggest risks for any loan provider. Those who excel at managing these risks have a strong advantage in the marketplace.

Evaluate credit card usage and trendsCredit Card Inventory

Often, banks will have hundreds of different customer profiles and dozens of products across their credit portfolio. In order to keep losses to a minimum, their bank business intelligence needs to tell them what is happening in their portfolio at all times.

Domestic Loan Analysis

Create dynamic, transparent and centralized reports

In most cases, a major goal for bank business intelligence is to keep a steady eye on exactly what is happening at every level of the business. This is true for those who work both at the corporate level and the branch level – simple transparency allows you to see areas for improvement more clearly.

Fraud Detection


Point of Sale, Geo-location, Authorization, Transaction data

Volume & Velocity
7.5B transactions per month

 Credit card fraud has changed. Instead of stealing a credit card and using it to buy big ticket items, some credit card thieves have become more sophisticated. For example, they can now making numerous, small transactions that are seemingly benign. But if Joe is making 100 $5 margarita transactions at various locations, something is wrong. By analyzing point of sale, geolocation, authorization, and transaction data with Datameer, this financial customer was able to identify fraud patterns in historical data.


Precision Forecasting of Customer Patterns and NeedsPrecision

Reveal consumer patterns with focused, real-time reporting

Personalize products and offers down to micro-segmentation – 1:1 targeting

Create / test micro-campaigns to increase response

Optimize multi-channel transactions and communications

Use loyalty analysis for channel and customer preference

Turn digital interactions into insight

Compliance, Rules, and Regulators

Financial Risk: Expose areas of financial uncertainty, market risk, credit risk

Operational Risk: Improve visibility, reduce losses, and improve business performance

Regulatory Compliance: Enforce corporate policies against growing regulatory oversight

IT Governance: Maintain IT stability from impact of IT threats and vulnerabilities, cyber or other

Strategic Business Planning: Stress-test risk-adjusted performance, build risk-informed strategies to optimize capital. Stay ahead of the competition


Illegal activities can cost your business millions of dollars and unwanted negativity to its public persona. The Actian Analytics Platform enhances situational awareness and provides a highly efficient, automated process that upgrades threat detection to a fully automated, real-time surveillance solution.

Early Warning System

Capture a complete corporate picture, not just a section of the business

Predict or prevent business-compromising events before they happen

Manage and control risk by identifying business-wide behavior

Use predictive analytics to better shape outcomes, minimize threats

Use off-the-shelf hardware for cost savings in deployment and growth

Employ a single, integrated database through open API.

Customer Acquisition and RetentionCustomer Acquisition and Retention

Understanding why your customers left is knowledge gained too late in the game. Predict and prevent customer churn before it happens and understand which of your customers are value-laden, which are just a burden.